Non famous people dating celebrities

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When Gummer returned a few days early, he was pleasantly surprised by Meryl’s presence in his apartment, and the two quickly fell in love.They’ve been together ever since and are inseparable at the events they attend with one another. While the idea of meeting up with a famous guy or girl and falling in love may seem totally out of reach, there are tons of celebrities who are in relationships with people who are "normal" and not famous starlets, actresses, or models. Even though Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's relationship is frequently front-page news, a bunch of your favorite stars are now in relationships with guys and girls who are not in the entertainment industry.Emily Osment's boyfriend is Jim Gilbert and he's so not in showbiz. Olivia Holt actually met her boyfriend, Ray Kearin, at a BBQ through some mutual friends.

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The loved-up and romantic atmosphere clearly helped guide Cupid’s arrow as the couple quickly hit it off and fell deeply, madly, truly for each other. When your actions come from a place of love, something magic happens!The couple now has four daughters, and Damon continues to revel in telling people how he had experienced the cliché of spotting someone across a crowded room and falling instantly in love. via @glassofwhiskey met his now-wife at California music festival Coachella.The world-famous festival, which is a gold standard for festivals around the globe, playing host to the hottest acts, is a truly otherworldly place.Strutting down the catwalk totally topless, he recalls that he had a “freckled and pasty body”, and was followed by the “best-looking boy in the school", so the girls watching didn’t pay him too much attention.During the after-party for the show, his eyes met Bagshawe's, and they became instant friends, laughing at the circumstances under which they were meeting. That’s the way forwards @jessetyler star Jesse Tyler Ferguson first met his lawyer husband Justin Mikita at the gym.

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