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labels are for organizational purposes...who wants "organized" sex? There is nothing better in this life than to be nude. to say Hello at Any time you like to, and if any body online will like to talk online with you to can Say Hello as well -- so to you's all -- do say Hello, but 4 now Igot's to go, so bye From me Ohdenizen... Bisexual Men Giving Oral I love to suck on all cock. I did and he started to push in deeper and deeper until he had it all in my throat I know that I like it!!! So if any one wants get suck in mid Missouristewburner I would like to thank both of you for your welcome.:) lol lol lol lol Men Sucking Cock While He Gets Fucked I experienced that about 10yrs ago I went cock shopping at the parks a man walk up to my car we talk a minute them he ask me what I was looking for. Nude beaches,nudists camps,lets all get nude be happy about that. Kiss:);):-PFlower H ug Cumming Together Med medium built guy here love making a guy feel good just have to do nothing to me just let me do the pleasure to you I live in Florida just south of Tampa Sarasota downtown looking to please guys like I said you don't have to do nothing to me I'm serious here very horny love sucking coming together having you come it's even better for me I don't have to come because when you come I feel like I come please contact me I like phone sex to you want to talk about it I did it before it's cool but I really looking for a guy you can be straight bi gay bi-curious do you like to be sucked off please contact me First Time Cock My first time sucking a cock I about 10 years old. I find it strange to get a welcome from the webmasters of a site when you sign up. I find that very refreshing as I stated in my profile it has been around 20 years for me since I have been with another man . At least that is what I hope to accomplish and I think your web site will greatly help me in that endeavour and I hope I can make a lot of friends in the process.

* I will exit from this site immediately if I am in any way offended by the sexual nature of any material.

What counts for us is sensuality, personality, common sense, and most important ... The fact that we are sluts in love helps a bit too lolol A&Ma good afternoon sign similar to the Good Morning sign...

morning for us is afternoon for the UK members so sometimes when they come in I want to use that kind of greeting but there is none... maybe a page with all the icons listed but at the same time...

I too agree that everyone has a right to their expression, With that said... I think its better to greet with a smile and a polite hello over a scowl and some kind of gangbanger sign. LOL Have a great day all Hug Kiss Have you tried mailing people in your area?

Bigc4u..face it we are cut from another cloth and another time. Be nice to them and don't be in too much of a hurry with them. Talk to people there Hi Teri, I have changed my view over the years on the use of the word slut.

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