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Her bridesmaids wore the color, the close family wore the color. Other than a wedding invitation, we never had any contact with them prior to the event since a summer BBQ where dress codes were not discussed.It seems that she casually told some of her friends not to wear blue, and I didn’t get the message.They live with their mother (his relationship with her is still tense, though they’ve been apart for three years), and he sees them regularly and is very proud of them.This is the first time I’ve dated a parent and I want to handle it well, so I told him a couple of months ago that I feel ready to meet them and left it there. However, I’ve yet to meet them and at this point they don’t even know about me.Later, the bride pointed me out (while using a microphone) and said “she’s not invited.” Later in the night, she came up to me AGAIN to tell me how this had shattered her day.At this point, my patience was wearing a little thin. This morning, I woke up to being tagged in a rant about guest etiquette on Facebook and an email from the groom asking me to apologize again.If we were moving in together, I wouldn’t have a problem telling her what I need to feel comfortable and clean.But that’s far off, so I’m unsure if I can tell her how to keep her own house.

She lets her cats on the kitchen counter, puts their food and water up there, and never cleans up the hair or crumbs.She was apparently horrified that I had worn “her color.” Another woman also wore blue and got the same treatment.At the start of the reception, she stomped over and said very loudly that she couldn’t believe I had worn her color.I responded, copying his wife, reiterating my original message in a bland way (sorry, I didn’t know. This woman has gone from generically fine to totally unhinged in my book.I appreciated them letting me know and hopefully wearing the world’s largest sweater had mitigated it. We’re going to see them again at a BBQ in about a month (it’s at our house, otherwise I’d skip it).

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