Nigerian men who are fond of dating older women

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UNICEF also calls on States with influence over parties to conflict to use that influence to protect children.

Across all these countries, UNICEF works with partners to provide the most vulnerable children with health, nutrition, education and child protection services.

An estimated 350,000 children have suffered from severe acute malnutrition.

- In northeast Nigeria and Cameroon, Boko Haram has forced at least 135 children to act as suicide bombers, almost five times the number in 2016.- In Iraq and Syria, children have reportedly been used as human shields, trapped under siege, targeted by snipers and lived through intense bombardment and violence.- In Myanmar, Rohingya children suffered and witnessed shocking and widespread violence as they were attacked and driven from their homes in Rakhine state; while children in remote border areas of Kachin, Shan, and Kayin states continued to suffer the consequences of ongoing tensions between the Myanmar Armed Forces and various ethnic armed groups.

In her recent interview, Toyin responded thus about their age difference: Congratulations on your second child.

Theirs show that age is just a number and that what matters is love. “As these attacks continue year after year, we cannot become numb.Such brutality cannot be the new normal.” In conflicts around the world, children have become frontline targets, used as human shields, killed, maimed and recruited to fight.In an earlier interview years back, Lola addressed the age gap between them thus: “Like I said, Peter is an old soul and he always tells me that I’m like a 23-year-old. Deola is 8 years older than Darey yet they’ve been married for over 5 years with lovely kids. Anne Njemanze & Silver Ojieson Segun Arinze’s ex wife, actress Ann Njemanze, who remarried last year disclosed in an interview that her husband is few years younger than her. Queen Ure Okezie & Soul EBefore their separation, they were so much in love despite the fact that Queen Ure was 11 years older than Soul E. What do you have to say about the reports that you are fond of dating older women?Dare once responded thus in an interview about their age gap: Do you not feel any pressure of any sort being married to somebody older than you are? Every body at sometime finds what works for him or her. Hear her: Your husband seems so young and fresh, he’s younger than you are obviously? My husband and I do not share up to 5 years difference and he is not bothered about it. In one of their major interviews years ago when they were still very much in love, they both addressed their wide age gap thus: Did you consider his age at that time? SOUL E: I don’t have anything to say about it, it is my life.

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