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He collaborated with Tadeusz Czacki; Joubert assigned him to his headquarters; but Sokolnicki decided to keep him in Paris (see Kniaziewicz, Kosciuszko and Bonneau); October 1799 he came to Genoa.Joubert was killed at Novi, and Neyman tried to get to the Danubian Legion (see Fiszer and Radolinski family) and its commander Kniaziewicz did not agree to his party. Championnet, Joubert's successor on the position of commander in chief of the Italian army, given support to Neyman.

I wrote Eugeniusz Ludwik Armand / Eugene Louis was married to a beautiful Polish - Maria Wilhelmina PASZKOWSKA / MARIA Pashkovskaya.

In 1794, on a secret mission from Kosciuszko to the Viennese court, interned by the Austrians [see above on PASZKOWSKI and FISZER]; 1795 in exile, he played a leading role, and was one of the first initiators of the Italian's legions, The president of the Central Committee of the Patriotic Society.

1826-1829, a state prisoner, chaired the 1829 conspiracy; after the outbreak of the November Uprising, Stanislaw Soltyk b. 1833 was honored as the patriarch of the struggle for freedom. 1716, died in 1790, IX Ordynat; Ludwika Maria Poniatowska born 1728, in 1745 married Jan Jakub Zamoyski, with daughter Urszula Zamoyska.

But after the death of Championnet, NEYMAN - as a Jacobin - lost position - the new Chief of Staff Ch.

Oudinot did not agree to keep him on the staff and directed him in 1800 to Laboissiere's division; Neyman was the chief of staff of the cavalry right wing of gen. Here again, wrote against Dabrowski; when he returned to Poland ?

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