Monster options backdating

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The machine was moved to sit under a router in a phone closet in Adion (a human resources company owned by Taylor) when the site went live in April 1994.

Initially, the site was populated with job descriptions from the newspaper segment of Adion's business with the permissions of the companies advertising the jobs.

Although Monster waited several days to announce this leak (drawing heavy criticism), they subsequently announced new security measures to prevent this from happening again.

However, in January 2009, there was another large scale leak at its UK based site uk, in which demographic information of up to 4.5 million people was obtained by hackers.

Monster also maintained the Monster Employment Index.

Jeff Taylor founded The Monster Board and served as CEO and "Chief Monster" for many Jeff Taylor contracted Christopher Caldwell of Net Daemons Associates to develop a facility in an NDA lab on a Sun Microsystems SPARCstation 5 where job seekers could search a job database with a web browser.

is an American-based global employment website owned and operated by Monster Worldwide, Inc.

It was created in 1999 through the merger of The Monster Board (TMB) and Online Career Center (OCC).

Monster is headquartered is in Weston, MA in the United States.

advertised on the Super Bowl starting in 1999 and every year through Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Monster's first-ever Super Bowl ad, "When I Grow Up", (created by Mullen) asking job seekers, "What did you want to be? Founder and Chairman Jeff Taylor was quoted as saying "is a desirable URL".

Later, in 1996, The Monster Board issued a press release that was picked up and provided needed exposure to drive people to the web site.

Monster was the first public job search on the Internet; first public resume database in the world and the first to have job search agents or job alerts.

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