Military dating and pen pal updating your computer is almost complete

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- Completely ghost me as soon as they no longer need help with English.Some of these are people I considered good friends, so it sucks when they just don't want to give you the time of day once you have served your "use" to them.He creates tons of fake accounts to attack ppl and mods.Often he's holding discussions between his different accounts, you can see it in the Indian thread and in the general threads.He pretended to be a brazilian, polish girls, dutch men, a dutch girl, afgani, indonesians, singaporean girl and filipina.He used to discuss such issues as threesomes and all.In my own experience, my messages (polite, thoughtful, interested in their hobbies) have a response rate somewhere around 20% on a good day.And that's including the ones who chat with you for the day and then pretend you are dead.

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And then, perverts, jealous women (you can be sure if you are a woman, they will never contact you), rude and ignorant messages. If someone decent is trying to contact you, you won't believe him. Nobody can be trusted I have been a member of Interpals since the early days - 10 years in fact, so I think I have a fairly good picture of what the site dynamics are like.Back in 2011, I met tons of people who I still talk to, few of them should I say, and back then it was nice and it seemed that people genuinely wanted to talk to you, get to know you and even learn your language, but here's when things kind of changed, from 2014 on I couldn't meet a single person, things got bored and it didn't have the sparkle anymore, you just would scroll up and down all day long and not a single soul would get back to you, which was very annoying, by the way.All in all, it's worth trying and good to do some language exchance, but nothing more than that now, although you might be the lucky one and go past "hi, how are you?Also his favourite issues are skin colour, racism and cannibalism.During 1.5 years he lies that he met celebrities face to face and has a very beautiful GF from the USA, who calls him every day to India and loves him. He uses so many different names and stolen pictures .

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