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Another evening, Sanders accused Dadou of flirting with one of his cousins while they were at a party.

She told him she hadn’t, and tried to comfort Sanders for feeling ignored. They got in the car and she started driving away from the apartment complex.

Sister Clotilde, 92, believes the decline in nuns is related to the falling birth rate and, in particular, the “millions of abortions happening in the world.” She adds, however, that through Pope Francis and the Jubilee of Mercy — a yearlong period of prayer that began last month — it is possible to obtain forgiveness and avoid purgatory.

Sister Ermelinda, 91, knows that, like the others, she will not be able to go to Rome to celebrate the Holy Year.

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In 1997, sisters in Europe numbered nearly 400,000; in 2015 they were less than 300,000. The data collected in North America and Australia shows a similar decline.It was around midnight and there was snow everywhere from a storm that had hit Rochester, New York, hard.Dadou was happy to see him even though he was high.In 1989, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence found that while the average prison sentence for men who kill their female partners was two to six years, the average sentence for women who killed their male partners was fifteen years.This, despite the fact that, as stated by NCADV’s findings, “most women who kill their partners do so to protect themselves from violence initiated by their partners.” Dadou says she had Sanders arrested for physical assault five times during the four and a half years they were together, but that didn’t stop him.

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