Linq to sql updating

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To do this we could simply hook up the javascript confirm function in the delete button.

Take a look at the highlighted code below: thanks fot tutorial, but i have a little problem, i wonder to select data from griedview to detail view, gridvew using sql datasource but detailview using linq to sql, but why that come error??

could you help me please, Get Customer Info(int customer ID) { using (Northwind Data Context context = new Northwind Data Context()){ return(from c in context.

What happened there is we created a new instance of the Data Context and then we query the Customer object based on the ID using the LINQ syntax and passed it in a variable customer.So in order for the code above to work and just for the simplicity of this demo, I remove the relationships to the table that referenced it.If you wan't to implement cascade delete then you have to delete the related information to the other table.Aside from that I have also move the form fields inside a Panel control for validation purposes and removed the Read Only attribute for each Text Box.Now the next step if we are going to populate the Drop Down List with the list of customers and populate the form with the customers information based on the customer ID selected from the Drop Down List.

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