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Of offenders who had committed both sexual and non-sexual violent crime half were antisocials and a third were borderlines as compared to third most common category of narcissistic disorder at a mere 3 percent.

Given that borderline is rare in the general population, around 1-2 percent, it’s clear that these individuals are very violent. Maybe it’s just because they are so fragile and look more like victims than perpetrators.

But bitterness and hate isn’t just expressed by self-destructive gestures.

In the emo lyrics you can often find passages that would suggest violence towards partners as well.

They fear being abandoned and often threaten to kill themselves.

Another typical behavior is self-harm, cutting or burning themselves.

As the name suggests it deals with emotionally intense feeling of romantic nature, often tragic and bitter themes.

And like the lyrics above suggest, borderline violence isn’t just directed at the·thar·sis (k-thärss) I recentlyhad the privilege " data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" src="" alt="global_mental_disorders" width="300" height="262" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-1067" / I have always believed that people fear more of what they cannot see than what they can see.But perhaps more surprisingly, borderline was also strongly correlated with intimate partner violence, even more so than for psychopathy and narcissism.Self-measures may of course be exaggerated, especially when we are talking about people with a taste for drama. One study from 2007 by psychiatrist Donald Black found that around 30 percent of new inmates in Iowa met the criteria for borderline and another study from this year by psychiatrist Marc Schroeder and colleagues, again looking at actual offenders, found a similar pattern with borderline being the second most common personality disorder after antisocial personality disorder.

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