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Take her to your place or see if you can get some quiet time in her place when it’s just the both of you.There should be no distractions, be it your cell phone or a stranger walking in when both of you are trying to get cozy.Use these ten steps when you’re with her and she’ll be wrapped in your arms within an hour’s time!The best part about using these steps is that you can always back off the second she doesn’t respond to any of your moves.So even if you want to get a girl to kiss you, you’ll still have to work your magic and make a few moves first.If you’re dating a girl, it’s always easier to take the plunge.Be discreet and never let her know what your intentions are, just yet. Talk about how nice a person she is, about the time you first saw her, or about a few memorable events that both of you share.

#2 Don’t ask her to kiss you While this may seem like the easiest and bold thing to do, it almost always never works.

If you’re not dating her, talk about her relationships or the last time she made out with a guy.

If you’re dating her, just talk about anything, it really doesn’t matter. This is where you build the sexual tension by touching her softly. Watch out for her expressions and if she’s warming up to you, you’d see that she’ll reciprocate and start talking softly too.

A simple kiss can be fun and innocent while letting your crush know just how much he means to you. Then let him take the lead; he'll start by caressing your cheek.

And kissing is a powerful way to enjoy an intimate moment—but only if you make it a point not to go further. Pay attention to the moment, and you'll get lost in the closeness between you. bubble-delicious kiss If he's got a sense of humor and you want to make him laugh, this kiss is perfect. Before you start kissing, tell him you've got a sweet surprise for him, then put a piece of fruity gum into your mouth.

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