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But that’s likely the last time Mariano will be throwing on his buff.

such as hacking out of the Vanuatu brush, skydiving over the California desert and zooming into this season’s finale on a big hog (motorcycle, that is).

” According to Boehlke, the misconception came when Wanner sized up Boehlke’s makeup bag she was using for interviews before the show began.

“She said I had a makeup back which is the size of her suitcase, which is live every Wednesday night at 10 p.m.

“Nobody is more surprised than me that I could find my love affair on a show that I host,” Probst tells PEOPLE, “but the truth is when something like this gets dropped in your lap, you don’t look at how it’s wrapped, you don’t look at how it’s being delivered.

You just put your arms around it and you hold on because this is my love affair and there’s no question in my mind about it.” Rumors of a relationship started among viewers who noticed Berry sporting a dabbed-on heart tattoo with “Jeff” scrawled on it during one episode.

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