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It's only the second one we've found in this area,' he told Fox 33.

'They're both very similar to one another and very large.'The canoe has been taken to Texas A&M University where a conservation process will begin that could take two years.

If an Italian ever needs help with something, they—in the vein of every mob movie, ever—“always know a guy.” what the Italians call a daily walk before dinner—which is something of a national pastime.You’d be forgiven for thinking that eating lots of carbs, drinking alcohol, being unemployed, and possibly smoking would be a recipe for poor health.But in its most recent Global Health Index, Bloomberg just revealed that the Italians—even with their struggling economy, relatively high tobacco use, and low spending on healthcare—are in fact the healthiest citizens on earth.Using data from the World Health Organization, the United Nations Population Division, and the World Bank, the study’s authors graded 163 nations on factors like life expectancy, causes of death, and various health risks—obesity, malnutrition, and high blood pressure among them. For comparison’s sake, the United States ended up in 34th place (just before Croatia but behind Costa Rica) with an abysmal score of 73.05.In light of this news, we caught up with Natalie Kennedy, proprietor of the delightful expat blog An American in Rome and a contributor to Live Like an Italian, for her on-the-ground advice for any Americans who might wish to adopt a more Italian way of life for the sake of their health.

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