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Had you seen all four before they were released, or how did you watch them?Well, at the premiere of last Friday, they showed "Winter," so I saw that in front of an audience there, and then the other three chapters I watched on Friday morning just like everyone else, on Netflix.Stunned, she took a day to think things over before turning him down.Although she made it clear she wanted to stay together, it was all or nothing for Logan, who said a quick "Goodbye, Rory" and walked away, not even appearing in the final episode of the original series.

Why is it they believe they can't be together, as opposed to trying to formally get back together?

However, when beloved family drama returned nine years later, viewers were surprised – to say the least – to see Rory and Logan back in each other's lives despite both being in committed relationships with other people, most notably Logan being engaged to a French heiress named Odette.

However, the two lovebirds say goodbye, again, in the "Fall" chapter after one last over-the-top reunion of the Life and Death Brigade.

As an actor, how important was it for you to get proper closure for this character and these characters' relationship?

For me, that was something that was representative of the original series but was a step forward in the growth of those characters, and now it was something that they were saying goodbye mutually.

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