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That one thing ranges from writing to photography to programming. It’s our anchor in the wild seas of self-confidence.

Often, the INFP self-confidence exists on shaky ground.

We aren’t so good at decisions about our external world like deciding if someone likes us or deciding what job we want.

However, when our gut instinct is wrong, Success Quality 2 bails us out. INFPs are knowledgeable or excel in at least one thing.

Successful INFPs nurture the Introverted Feeling function by taking the next step and trusting their gut instincts enough to make changes.

Bad decisions happen and we can’t keep running away every time something goes bad. INFPs are adaptable without losing sight of our ideals. Successful INFPs take better risks to get a better chance of success.Knowing if we were right or wrong about our instincts improves our chances of being right the next time.One caveat: The INFP’s Introverted Feeling is great for decisions about our internal world like deciding the kind of person we want to be.Extroverted Intuition means we make those internal world decisions based on our external sixth sense data.For example, when I was learning a new martial art, I’d observe the black belts.

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