Interracial dating good or bad

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I add Mexican in quotations because it has become a word tinged with prejudice and sometimes feels more like a slur, than a badge of identity.

Guaranteed, racism doubles when the offending races are in close quarters and being in an interracial relationship means that you’re in the “line of fire” every time there’s a dispute.This is one of the biggest sources of frustration for me…the fact that people who aren’t directly affected by racism just don’t understand how it could possibly be an issue.Nothing leaves you feeling more hopeless than a family who puts stock in their uninformed and irrational perceptions that racism flat out doesn’t exist!Many of them were upset at my choice from day one and he has never felt the sense of acceptance that I felt in the beginning.There have been brief intervals where he’s felt partially accepted, but the constant scrutiny he lives under always seems to muck it up.

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