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I have my share of criticisms for the UN and UNESCO, but they are a non-issue in this instance and dont control the IB program.

Math and science are not *different* in other countries, but the US does not teach these subjects well *and* the US wants to teach junk science which is why conservatives insist on teaching intelligent design (which belongs in religion classes) in science class. I do know many conservatives who believe that English is the most important language here since this is the U. We also would learn French if we were moving to France, Spanish if Argentina, etc. May I inquire if you used Howard Zinn's book "A People's History of the United States" as a primary text for the class?The IB program has been offering academic programs to schools for nearly 40 years and in nearly 3,400 schools in 141 countries.Over 1000 universities in the United States accept the IB diploma as a mark of academic achievement, including John Hopkins, MIT, the US Air Force Academy, and the US Naval Academy.What's more, I think that's an essential component of a good education.Students need to be able to think for themselves and to gain experience evaluating sources and exploring biases.

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