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The lamentu is also used, naturally enough, in Holy Week.Polyphony is much used in the Christan mass and there are many traditional polyphonic mass chants.

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You are unlikely to hear a traditional concert without a dies irae, miserere or a kyrie.

It is a profane song form that is applied to seduction, satire, lamentation or other strong emotions.

Generally without the kind of popularly expressed notion of rhythm, polyphony is often referred to as the song of a free people.

The origins of Corsican polyphony are much disputed and since until recently they have been undocumented, no clear evidence exists of its source.

Though I'm no musician, I sense it as inheriting a bit of everything Mediterranean from the north, south, east and west. Traditional Corsican polyphony, following its revival in the 1970s, is now a central part of the expression of Corsican culture.

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