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All in all, young performers are a group of ambitious, competitive, hardworking people who are living the lives they want and don't much suffer fools who continue to cast them as pathetic victims.

" Let us give you an example of the kind of person that is not going to make it.

If you are not comfortable with that, make sure to apply to only those studios that do the type of films you want.

You can also outline in your application what you are and are not willing to do so that they do not waste your time and you do not waste theirs with an interview that will lead no where.

Be careful not to fall victim to scams as there are many people posing as porn studios and porn agents who have some rather seedy and manipulative ways to trick you out of money, have you sign unfair contracts and even get you to give out sexual acts for free without ever paying you a cent.

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It should also provide safety to the actors to prevent them from getting STDs or other health related problems.Yet daily, we get people contacting us letting us know they want a job and are ready to be a porn star.These poor souls obviously do not even have the patience to read this article let alone a directory or manual.We clearly post that we do not produce porn and ask for people not to contact us.Rather, we ask that they contact the porn studio contacts, agent contacts and resources in the directory we provide as they are supposed to.

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