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Nadal, a two-time Wimbledon champion and one of the favourites to win the tournament this year, is one of the most obvious players to benefit from the decline in court speed at The Championships.

They hit winners from anywhere.” However, not everybody is longing for a return to the era of Sampras and the other great serve volleyers, when Wimbledon’s perfectly manicured lawns would first show signs of wear and tear at the net, rather than beyond the baseline.

Opening the crown case on Monday, prosecutor Roger Kimbell said the dentist took advantage of the hypnotised or highly relaxed boys and took them to a back room where there was a bed where the offences allegedly occurred.

The dentist 'went a lot further' than using hypnosis and relaxation techniques for such things as alleviating pain, he said.'The allegations related to the accused were not in the dentist's chair, but to taking people out the back to a separate room where there was a bed.'The first complainant, now aged around 50, was expected to give evidence about a school counsellor who is not standing trial.

Over the last few years, powerful baseline players have come to dominate in south-west London, with the switch to 100 per cent perennial ryegrass seed in 2001 contributing to the far slower playing surfaces.

And now, the last few remaining serve-and-volleyers fear that the famous playing style is on the verge of disappearing for good.

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