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There are many delicious foods in this world: pizza and ice cream, houmous and cake, avocados and coffee. What with avocados and latte art both amongst millennials’ favourite Instagram subjects, it’s possible the avolatte could be the next big trend fuelled by the picture-sharing social network. But that is not to say these things should be paired together. Behold, the ‘avolatte’: Just why anyone would want to drink a latte from an avocado over a regular cup is unclear - would the coffee be infused with avocado? Despite this, not everyone is a fan of the avolatte: You order a coffee these days and are presented with one of these. That haircut means something to me other than, ‘my barber tries too hard,’” says Davis.“I don’t want to learn the hard way,” agreed Shabnam, a 34-year-old Persian woman from Minnesota who has started swiping left on undercuts.Shabnam found that changing her online name to “Sara” invited less “racist bullshit.”“On some level, I know it’s wrong [to judge] because I’m not giving them a chance.

I’ve had less bullshit and sexual harassment since not swiping right on men who look like 100% white American males.”It’s not just on social media.

But when women have limited tools for recognizing dangerous encounters, and the consequences of “just talk to them to find out!

” can be unpleasant and demeaning; sometimes the only course of action is making a value judgment about a white guy with a trendy haircut, and not interacting in the first place.

Women have been asking for it, too.” And before Famous White Guys got to it, fades and other variations on the undercut have long been popular contemporary haircuts among black, Latino, and Asian men (and women, too).

For women who have spent time dating online, learning how to identify the possibility of unpleasant encounters before they happen is an important skill.

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