Help for internet dating and sex addiction

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The condition exists in many subtypes, all of which are essentially characterised by excessive, overwhelming or inappropriate use of online activities, which if done in person would usually be considered negative.

On the World Wide Web we are able to change our identity, remain anonymous and engage in fantasies all from the privacy of our own homes.Counselling is a safe and confidential way of exploring your addiction and the affect it is having on your well-being and fulfilment.A counsellor will work with you to help you make sense of your circumstances, to identify your choices for change and to offer support throughout the entire process.Though each counsellor will have their own unique way of working, sessions may involve exploring different ways of dealing with certain urges and triggers and exploring the origins of the problem and the underlying reason for your addiction.A counsellor may also use a technique known as cognitive-behavioural therapy, which is a way of changing an individuals thoughts and behaviours surrounding a certain act or issue.

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