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When your message is ignored, or somebody stops talking to you, don’t worry about the reason why.There could be a million things going on in that person’s head that have nothing to do with you. 6) Set an intention before each date Pretty much everything (dates, business meetings, etc.) goes better when you set an intention in advance.Below are 10 guidelines that I created after years of trial and error.1) Show your true nature in your profile You don’t have to tell your life story (please don’t), but avoid overly obvious information (“I like to travel”) in favor of more revealing anecdotes (“A book that taught me a lot is…”).5) Don’t take rejection personally Snap judgements are a reality of online dating.

An avid supporter of basketball, burritos, and Kundalini Yoga, James lives in New York City.

9) Let it happen naturally When a date goes well, men are usually thinking one thing (sex) and women are thinking another (relationship). There is nothing wrong with jumping into sex or a relationship, but trying to rush things from a place of neediness can be counterproductive. 10) Embrace the break up Every relationship has a natural lifespan. Just because a relationship ends doesn’t mean it was a failure.

Trust that it served the purpose it was meant to serve.

It can be simple – “I want to share a meaningful connection” or “I want to learn something new.” Taking five minutes to set an intention before a date may not seem like much, but it will give you clarity, purpose, and the power of presence.

7) Use each other (to expand your comfort zone) Staying home is easy.

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