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On the morning of January 28, 2012, Baxter returned to 14.275 with his 'signature' programming, e.g., a year-old recording produced by AR Newsline, that was so distorted it was nearly impossible to decipher. Karol Madera unabashedly and unequivocally admits his all-consuming pedophilia.Unfortunately, Madera doesn't seem to realize that his words and actions also reveal him to be a stalker and a sexual predator, but then, few pedophiles understand the true nature of their dark desires.We have continually invited Karol Madera to refute his own admissions against interest, not to mention the official and unofficial records which support statements that he is a liar, a fraud, a pedophile, a racist, a misogynist, a stalker, and a military impostor, who has incited murder of American citizens and allied himself with enemies of the United States.Since 2006, Karol Madera has failed to contact us to refute of the statements on these pages.Madera's violent sexual threats, harassment, stalking, and coercive verbal abuse, along with his frequent incitement to murder, have been reported to Industry Canada and the Saanich Police since at least 2005.To date, Madera remains on the air, where he is frequently heard inciting known criminals and the mentally ill to murder his serial targets.He was photographed while he was parked on the property of the woman who reported him to the RCMP for stalking and harassing her.

He has stalked and harassed children as young as 7 years old.In a fitting tribute to his terrorist masters, Madera calls himself "Al Qaida Northern Command." "Madera demonstrates mixed traits of the obsessive-compulsive, narcissist, histrionic, borderline, and the anti-social, with elements of the schizotypal personality type.He also presents with recurrent themes of physical and sexual abuse of children. He is intelligent and extemely manipulative, and he has, in fact, incited the murder of Americans on several occasions." -- A clinical examination of Karol Madera's language and behavior, prepared for the Department of Homeland Security, January, 2012.According to the stalking victim in the official police report, Madera used a woman accomplice who claimed to be "scouting movie locations" while she took pictures of the victim and her business. Madera later posted pictures of the female victim on his web page, with disgusting and false sexual commentary about her.The Saanich Police advised the woman's husband to contact RCMP about the "intimidation and criminal harassment" related to Madera's "creepy behavior" which Saanich Police Sergeant John Price described as unacceptable.

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