Granny chat oom

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I created this home because I knew I could have in Morrowind what I dream for in real life: A rich and cozy rose cottage.

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The cottage can be purchased from the female caretaker for 3000 gold. Requires both Tribunal and Bloodmoon Expansions Necessities Of Morrowind patch available.***********Magus Realm Tower Version 2 *****************At the beginning of time, a powerful Mage named Magus split time into fragments.The jars are skulls, and the sorter is a tiny green dragon wandering around the laboratory.-Do not let appearances deceive you; there is plenty of storage in the tower.Ever since I left the Morrowind modding community several years ago, the community has been amazing about collecting and re-uploading my mods after a site issue. No support is offered, since I can't really remember much about them.However, the current place of upload seems to confuse some and also does not offer screenshots. All files are listed on the download page in seperate mods. If you need help, please seek the guidance at the official forums.

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