Grand theft auto san andreas dating walkthrough

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After the cutscene with The Truth you'll receive a phone call from Cesar who tells you everything is messed up in Los Santos. Cesar tells you that Smoke is responsible for the trouble in Los Santos, and that he sends a car into San Fierro twice a week which comes back with a lot of drugs. As CJ goes outside he receives a phone call from Catalina telling him to get his ass to her cabin. Catalina wants to rob some more stuff, so pick a place to rob and make your way there.

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Follow that around and down, and cut across a field where you can deposit the combine in a hangar type thing. Respect Cesar Vialpando's Missions Have Been Unlocked.

Make sure you drive fast enough to stay away from the chasing car, but slow enough so that you don't jacknife the truck when turning. Head across the bridge, and under the intersection, then come to a stop in the RS Haul car park. A few seconds after the mission you'll receive a phone call from The Truth telling you to meet him at a motel with Officer Tenpenny.

Catalina will meet up with the guy who runs that place and receive some cash for it, then take off. That's the only mission on your radar, so head over there now.

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You were already told what to do in the cutscene, so you need to head up the mountain, kill the witness and bring back proof, in photographic form.

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