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There are not any hard-set rules of what age is appropriate for kids to own a phone, it is up to the parents.However, most likely, a tween is not going to be responsible and follow the rules that you set.Wenn Sie ein Handy orten möchten, gibt es zwei unterschiedliche Möglichkeiten.Sie können sich an den Mobilfunkanbieter wenden oder eine Ortungsapp verwenden.The average age now for getting a first phone is 10-years-old."While not many parents have embraced the ability to use Smartphones’ GPS capabilities to track down their kids, the number who has used this function doubled from 7 percent in 2012 to 15 percent in 2016." The report found that kids use their phones for social media.found "teens who sexted were not more likely to have multiple sexual partners, use drugs or alcohol before sex or not use birth control." Another study by Drexel University found that 30 percent of those surveyed admitted sending photos in their sexts and 60 percent of them didn't know that it's considered child pornography.

She also noticed many of her clients could not initiate interactions.The Millennials view a like, comment or online message as a means of meaningful communication and that is why they feel the need to always be “connected.” What is going to happen to the next generation?How are you going to trust a 10-year-old with a phone that has internet access?"In 2012, 49 percent of parents reported having strict limits on where and when their kids could use their electronics." There are more worries for parents.The rise of unmonitored texting is feeding the problem with sexting.

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