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SMTP over SSL and STARTTLS encryption are supported.

While SMTPS is recommended, it's not a requirement, and plain text email, generally using port 25, can be used if desired.

Typically, the System Administrator sets the Configuration.

However, anyone who has Configuration permission can modify these settings.

If your printed copy includes the recipient’s reply text and email thread, and the recipient’s copy (the sender of the reply) does not match, it will be challenging to prove which one is authentic. I save everything in my archive, sent folder and/or inbox. Most email archives save less than half of the transaction data.

I therefore can prove when they got my email and what it said. For sent email, the archives may show you what you claim to have sent, but do not prove what was actually received.

Generally, for external recipients (outside of your company or network) these “Outlook” read receipts are not returned.

Part 2 of “Common Misconceptions about Email Delivery” prepares you in case delivery of your (or a client’s) time-dependent email is disputed. This protects me in case I need to irrefutably prove who said what when at a later time. It is incredibly easy to alter the content and timestamps on an email and print it so that it appears authentic.

“In the course of the Department’s review of Ocwen’s mortgage servicing practices, we have uncovered serious issues with Ocwen’s systems and processes, including Ocwen’s backdating of potentially hundreds of thousands of letters to borrowers, likely causing them significant harm,” Lawsky says in the open letter to Ocwen general counsel Timothy Hayes, a copy of which was sent to Housing Wire.

Ocwen issued the following statement to Housing Wire.

Note, sending to people within your company may return more of these, but that would only be due to IT administrator settings inside your company.

Watch video: In next week’s brief, we will discuss the final common misconceptions people commonly have about email delivery.

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