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It is unclear whether officials would accept Abbott’s resignation or follow through with their plan to terminate him.With nearly 30 years of government service, the distinction could have a profound affect on his retirement benefits.A female passenger can be heard telling the officer that she did not want to put her hands down to reach for her phone because, “I’ve just seen way too many videos of cops —.” “But you’re not black,” the officer interrupted. “I don’t know what is in his heart,” the chief added, indicating Abbot would be fired, “but I know what came out of his mouth.” The department said Wednesday that Register received information late last week about an officer making “inappropriate racial comments,” which were captured on video obtained by ABC affiliate WSB.

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Dash-cam video shows Abbott standing outside a vehicle during a DUI traffic stop in July 2016. ” [Police officers in two states accused of mocking Charlottesville violence] Speaking at a news conference Thursday, Cobb County Police Chief Mike Register described Abbott as “honorable,” but said the officer had made a mistake, the newspaper reported.

We decided to put the camera down 1 times with the lens to the wall. In 2014, we wrote about a site that offered feeds from baby monitors in nurseries, as well as from security webcams delivering live feeds from bedrooms, offices, shops, restaurants, bars, swimming pools and gymnasiums.

During dinner, I was amazed at a friend of mine who wondered how this was possible.. In fact, there are sites where e-marauders can choose from a variety of feeds being pirated from devices.

She bought the device at Action—a local discount-chain store that mostly sells low-budget convenience utilities.

Most particularly, to keep an eye on her puppy, who has a penchant for turning everything upside down.

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