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And how we usually respond is by giving you access to the deepest places in our heart that should be reserved exclusively for our husband.When we discover, especially later in the game, that you never had any intentions of putting yourself in that role, it can cause us significant grief.There is great wisdom to be gleaned from this verse on how to understand women and navigate relationships with us in an honorable way.And what better time than Valentine’s Day, or as many of us like to call it, ‘Singles Awareness Day,’ to do a good heart check?The whole concept of Don’t leave us guessing about your intentions. When we don’t know where we stand in relationships, a large portion of the pie is consumed with trying to figure this out, leaving much less room for all the other important things in our lives.At each stage of the game, even if it seems awkward, we really want to know where we stand with you.

God assigned all men, not just husbands, the responsibility and privilege of leadership when it comes to women.

It’s really ok to tell us, ‘I don’t plan to get married’ or ‘I am exploring a relationship with someone else right now’ or ‘I’m very interested in you and really want to take our friendship to the next level.’ Please make sure your words your actions are consistent with your intentions.

Don’t tell us how devoted you are to us while you’re posting pictures of yourself with a different woman every week on Facebook.

If we allow ourselves to get involved with a man who isn’t a believer, than we are agreeing upfront to not have any of the following expectations.

If he doesn’t share Christ’s heart, we cannot expect him to love us or treat us in a Christ-like manner.

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