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Nothing is forever, the world keeps turning and life goes on and with the knowledge that one day it will be our turn to leave this mortal world for the next.

On a brighter note I wish all of my friends a very Merry Christmas and to my dominant lady friends who don't need to be named as they aknow who they are Season's Beatings and may they indulge in such on some poor submissive male or female's bare arse, add a stripe or two from me. Being involved in the adult industry has given me the opportunity to meet many beautiful ladies both online and in the real world.

She didn't say anything in the minutes that followed, even as he stroked her hair and murmured soothing words meant to calm her down. Her face was red from the exertion of her spanking, as well as moist from her tears. Weak, tired and dazed, Rebecca nosed at her brother's neck. Despite how weird and strange and gross she felt just then, napping was the only thing she wanted to.

She could rip him a new one for what he did to her afterward. Despite her tears and exhaustion and how limp she felt, he remained heavily turned on by the situation.

Getting up an hour earlier just so they could be ready in time to walk to school for three days was going to suck.

"Yep," he mumbled awkwardly and hoisted her up in his arms.

Not only is this day the birthday of Jesus Christ it is also mine, another year older with my birth year becoming further down the long scroll of years on online web forms.

Christmas was such a special day when I was a child and like my children now tell me, it seemed like an eternity from one Christmas to the next but now they seem like it was only last week.

All because she had a big mouth and punched the school's quarterback for trying to grab her ass. Move." From inside the chilled compartment of their freezer, Jason grinned. Each smack against her ass had her yowling, swearing or jerking. Why was her panties getting damp at the gusset, to the point every squirm had the moist bridge of fabric press lewdly to her swollen lips? As the seconds ticked by, Rebecca's struggles lessened and lessened until physical exhaustion hit her and all she could do to communicate her frustration was squeal.

While she had the same green eyes as Jason, Rebecca's hair was a sleek black where Jason's hair happened to be a vivid strawberry blonde inherited from their mother. "You're such a dork," she stated with a roll of her eyes. I want some water." "Sounds like a personal problem. Angry tears welled up in her eyes and trailed down reddened cheeks.

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