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On the back of his neck is a cluster of dark freckles I hadn’t noticed the night before–my gods, a damn Academy student. The flavour of anise is still stuck on the back of my tongue. The smudge in the middle of it seems ordinary until you look closely and you realise it’s a puddle after a heavy storm, the boy’s Key.

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Also, for this trope to come into play, the parental figure must truly have transgressed, or the child figure must have good reason to believe the transgression has happened.

He jolts at the sound and gives me a look of a cow who’s just found out what a sledgehammer’s for. I assume he’s smart enough to use the fire escape, otherwise a dumpster laden with as he scrambles to dress himself.

“Keep your knickers on, Sarge,” I yell as I pull on a loose blouse and a pair of pants.

Maybe they want to show that the child figure is still so thoroughly whipped by the abusive parent that they are still incapable of facing them.

Maybe the child is hoping that Daddy may still turn out to be good after all, despite the abuse, and is therefore holding back on giving him the what-for.

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