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I was bored reading about disease causing organisms, and typed into the search engine on the computer, "Bondage and rape." It brought up a bunch of pornographic pages so I refined my search to "BDSM." It was there that I leaned what a sex slave was, safe words, bondage tape, ball gag, all of that was. I found an online community in the Pittsburgh area where people with like minds come to meet.

I figured it would be harmless to put up a profile of me, so when I got to my dorm, a more private area, I filled out a profile and posted a picture of me.

He lived just outside of Pittsburgh and was familiar with the city.

I was not so familiar; I was just going to college there. I was telling none of my friends about my interaction with Cutter.

We decided to meet in a public club; La Ga, a gothic, industrial, fetish club in the heart of Pittsburgh.

There was this fun store called Pulse that I went into during my break between classes.

I looked forward to the chats and I discovered parts about me that I did not know I had.

For instance, I had a knack for writing erotic chats and got aroused by it.

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I was nervous all day, worried that he won't like how I look as we have never seen one another or heard each other's voices. Amanda, my college friend, called me to see what I was up to, she and a bunch of the other girls were going out dancing, and I told her I had to study.

I knew they would think I was a nut case and endangering myself. I saw shows like, "America's most wanted," and "Cops," and "Unsolved Mysteries." I knew what the dangers were, but that sort of added to the excitement of it all.

I knew that if I told any of them, even the closest of them, they would no longer view me the way they did. I had no expectations from this meeting, in fact, was under the impression it was just going to see each other, nothing sexual.

I often got aroused thinking of how he could take me, dominate me, make me beg for his touch.

After several months of daily chat, we both wanted to meet in person.

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