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Is it, that Filomina really knows that Kara is the one that caused this? Stood in front of the TV and swung around facing Vito.“He had a contract with you.” She distracted herself. He was crazy angry and switched from his initial plan of conning you, to having you killed, right there. I mean no one in their right mind would go up against him. I’m terrified that my knowledge of exactly what is happening, may be a few months behind where I should be. I know they say they need your help, but who cares. Don’t be stupid.’‘George, it needs to be sorted and if it helps bring that asshole to justice then I have always said I am prepared to be the sacrificial lamb. I’m petrified that I have done the wrong thing, and that I’m probably walking straight into a trap.

I bet he surfaces when he thinks it’s safe.” familiar, but obviously not anyone I knew, and as it turned out, you two were talking on the phone. I was still shocked and scared that he was sitting there. At the time, my scared and panicked brain had tried to filter the news. I’d heard conversations that were never muted, they were out in public domain between business men. That ‘the Toe Cutter had been used to sort a problem’ or that someone may have to ‘get the toe cutter to go fix an issue.’ It had never been exactly spoken as to how, but I had got the gist, that the Toe Cutter solved problems by force or coercion. And he said, ‘No Katherine, just thought you should know. No one threatens my family.” In my head, I thought. If there’s a problem it would get sorted but not your kid. “But, after everything you had been through, with the rape, and your son and the burns.” She slowed for a second as she saw the look on my face, “Yes, Paul told us about your past. You’ve had a really horrid time, so I told Vito not to do anything. Enough is enough for one life time don’t you think? I could hear an external buzz weirdly inside my head. Of the few things I expected tonight, this hadn’t been one of them. He was asked to kill you, but I didn’t think it was fair. Yay, that she felt I had had enough shit for one life time, but what the fuck? I haven’t told them my story and I feel it has been used against me, and yet she is saying it’s what kept me alive.

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