Firefox bookmarks not updating

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Then you'll need to clean up the existing duplicates, which might be easier from a desktop: Open Chrome from a computer on which you're signed into that same account.Type chrome://bookmarks into the Omnibox Find your Mobile Bookmarks folder in the left nav. As an alternative to the last four steps, there are several bookmark management extensions in the Chrome Web Store that will automatically find and delete duplicates." I got curious about the extensions mentioned in the post above and found an add-on for Chrome called Bookmark Sentry.I waited a couple of days and checked my various computers, testing the process by adding new bookmarks and removing obsolete ones.

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I put up with this for a bit since I had other priorities to wade through.With the Powerpack, you can use a workflow to search your Chrome and Firefox bookmarks.Take a look at Packal for the latest and best workflows, as these are updated to keep up with the frequent updates to the browsers themselves.Hopefully everything will begin evening out among your bookmarks and/or data.I also found a good tip for Android users in the Google Chrome forums describing an issue with Android phones causing duplicate bookmarks.

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