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By David Ssempijja: The New Vision Newspaper You can make an order for pigs, pig products, farm supplies and advisory services here.Am a 3rd year student at University of Kisubu and I have a dream becoming a successful farmer and I have decided to first put my effort in piggery but I have a challenge with getting the right feeding that can help me achieve my are the right feeds and supplements can i mix in mix in maize brand and even my animals to take water in plenty to get the best at the end ?Since then, Mubiru says, she has been rearing improved breeds like the Landrace, Cambrough and Largewhite, all originating from South Africa.

“I attribute my success to our Lungujja-Wakaliga Kwagalana Women Group, a community-based development organisation that has nurtured the spirit of working together, and Rubaga division council for organising farmers’ training programmes,” she says.This is indicative of how high modern farming can uplift society.” Mubiru adds that although exotic pigs consume about 20% more food than local breeds, the heaviest can weigh up to 300kg compared to 100kg, the maximum weight for local breeds.A kilogram of pork costs between sh6,000 and sh8500, depending on the point of sale.Although she faced a lot of challenges, she grew the stock up to 800 in two years before turning to piggery.“My biggest dream was in poultry, but I later found out that piggery was more lucrative,” she says.

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