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See the main article on Tanar lenses, with details on each lens.Made by Tanaka Kōgaku, originally sold for the Tanack Leica copy.They also made a rigid 2" f/2 Cooke Amotal Anastigmat lens for the Bell & Howell Foton camera.Some of them appear in Leica screw mount, due to Peerless(US) arranging for an Italian firm to mount them in rather crude Leica screw mounts so that they could fit them to Leica camera imports and undercut the Leica camera prices fixed by Leitz, who could only fix the prices of Leica cameras fitted with Leica lenses.Alta | Baika | Bessa L/T/R | Canon II/III/IV | Canon VT | Canon VIT | Canon P | Canon 7 | Canon 7s | Chiyoca | Chiyotax | Gokoku | Honor S1 | Honor SL | Ichicon-35 | Jeicy | Konica FR | Lausar | Leotax | Leotax G | Melcon | Melcon II | Muley | Nicca | Nicca III-L | Nippon | Tanack 35/IIIS/IV-S | Tanack SD | Tanack VP | Teica | Yasuhara T981 Arco (Colinar, Snowva) | Canon (Serenar) | Fuji (Cristar, Fujinon) | K. The mount was adopted on many Leica copies and other 35mm rangefinder cameras. (Xebec) | Konica (Hexanon) | Konishiroku (Hexar, Hexanon) | Kowa (Prominar) | Kyōei (Acall) | Lena | Leotax | Chiyoda / Minolta (Rokkor) | Misuzu (Altanon) | MS Optical R&D | Nicca | Nippon Kōgaku (Nikkor) | Olympus (Zuiko) | Orion (Supreme) | Pentax | Reise | Ricoh | Sankyō (Komura) | Shōwa Kōki (Piotar) | Sun (Sola, Sophia, Xebec) | Tanaka (Tanar) | Telesar | Tōkyō Kōgaku (Simlar, Topcor) | Voigtländer | Y. Optical (Kobalux, Avenon) | Zeika (Rojar) | Zuihō (Honor) | Teikoku / Zunow The 39mm screw mount — also called Leica Thread Mount (LTM ), Leica Screw Mount (LSM), or (incorrectly) M39 (as it is not a metric thread) — was introduced by Leica with the model I (C), and used on all the Leica models until the IIIg.A 12"/7.7 Dallon Tele-Anastigmat has been offered for sale at e Bay with a Dallmeyer prototype reflex housing.An Elionar Anastigmat 5 cm f/3.5 collapsible lens is known in Leica screw mount. A lens marked Dr Hensoldt Optik Wetzlar 1:1.8/f=55 1057 PROTO in a rigid chrome mount has been seen at an e Bay auction.

Strong focus on innovative technology and good entrepreneurship has led to strong autonomous growth and the opportunity for some successful acquisitions.Astro Berlin seems to have made some lenses with a genuine Leica mount.Today, many sellers are adapting Astro lenses to the Leica mount, often assembling them with the rear barrel of a 50/3.5 Elmar.(Further, screwmount lenses by Meopta may at first appear to be for the Leica; however, these have 38mm screw thread and are instead for the Meopta Opema.) We will attempt to make a list of 39mm screw lenses.These are arranged alphabetically by company name, or by brand name when the manufacturer is unknown.

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