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You're going to feel many things during this incredible 89 minutes of breathtaking show: Fear, betrayal, unexplainable surprise, witty, satisfaction, sick sarcasm, real romance and .... This is the ultimate joy of watching a TV series and the best possible finale for a season.

And it's amazing how different characters and situations click together to form this overwhelmingly fulfilling episode."His Last Vow" is the third and final episode of the third series of the BBC Television series Sherlock, which follows the modern-day adventures of Sherlock Holmes.The episode was first broadcast on 12 January 2014, on BBC One and Channel One. As A-listers flocked to Brazil to celebrate talent manager Guy Oseary and Michelle Alves' vow renewal, famous exes Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were in the crowd.The two stars joined famous faces like Dakota Johnson, Sacha Baron Cohen, Chris Rock, Matthew Mc Conuaghey, David Arquette, Owen Wilson and Madonnaat the ceremony set at the arms of the Christ the Redeemer statue.

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