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If you make it clear that your loved ones drinking is leading you to put distance in our relationship, it may have impact as well as protect you from the emotional toll of having an active alcoholic in your life.Loved ones and friends of HFAs can also seek support for themselves in order to learn how best to navigate their relationship with the alcoholic in their life, to detach emotionally and to heal.He is very talented in his profession and well respected.He is extremely neat, tidy and obsesses over the house being clean. What I cant deal with is, every day after work (pm on the dot) he walks in, goes right to the fridge and cracks open a beer while putting an 18 or 24 pack in to chill.You may also suggest that they visit the "Rethinking Drinking" online assessment by the NIAAA and if necessary, try to set low risk drinking limits for themselves through this online program (

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In terms of family life and friends, there is also the problem of "secondary" denial that loved ones may have about an HFA by not believing that they are "real" alcoholics.It is important to express to an HFA how his or her drinking is negatively affecting you (emotionally, spiritually, physically) and how you perceive it is harming others as well (friends, children).In order to prevent an HFA from getting overly defensive, you can place the emphasis on your feelings and concerns - instead of stating how you think he or she should be living or acting.In addition, these loves ones will report that while the HFA may provide for the family financially, that they are not able to be supportive emotionally for their romantic partner nor for their children.Alcoholism corrodes relationships and this can happen in a subtle manner over time, but can ultimately damage and destroy families. Any conversation with an HFA about his or her drinking should occur when the alcoholic is NOT under the influence of alcohol and can often be most effective when the HFA is hungover and possibly feeling guilt or remorse.

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