Diamond dating soulja boy

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Diamond has definitely grown since her days in Crime Mobb when she was signed at a mere 14-years-old.

With 10 years invested in rap game, the 24 year-old is ready to take on the world in new ways.

SO I don’t want to say when I’m 29, when it’s right. There should be no reason why we can’t be in the same room without you having a good time and me having a good time. I don’t think how I was thinking when I was 18 or 19. Diamond: I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. And especially me overcoming those challenges and those I haven’t overcome. Some of the family members that may be dysfunctional.

If it’s in a light to where it’s truthful and innocent because that’s what it is, I know that things will have to be twisted, I’m clue with that.

I’m sure Lil Scrappy won’t be happy to know that the “couple” were indeed sitting next to each other and getting real cutesy during the BET Awards, and we’re hoping this won’t end lead to a situation like the Lil Scrappy Stevie J. While people can only speculate why Lil Scrappy and Diamond dating ended terribly, it doesn’t look like any love was lost between rapper Diamond and Soulja boy after they broke up.

In fact, it looks like they picked up right where they left off.

And as a woman from the South, New York and the West coast are always known to run things in hip-hop. But it was a challenge because Southern artists aren’t really as lyrical so NY so it’s a bit challenge. It’s him being a businessman and matching his brands with other things.

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I had so much responsibility, I’m kind of playing catch up now. I’m blessed to still have so much accomplished but I could be a lot farther. So anybody that would have came at my any kind of way, or if I won’t have reacted the way that I wanted to, I’m still an artist. But as man, they cannot get along with someone but still get this money together. Sometimes guys may not want to teach you, they may want to compete. But that was like one of the key things that captured my attention."Earlier this week, Soulja Boy similarly revealed that the couple had been "rocking heavy," though he conceded that there were still issues they had to deal with, due to their celebrity status."It don't matter who girl it would've been," he told XXL.and pimp that ass," during a recent radio interview, Scrappy was much more reasonable regarding his ex's new relationship."It really don't do nothing to me. This week, we sat down with 24-year-old rapper Diamond (real name Brittany Nicole Carpentero). Diamond: Working on my album…I’m about to drop The Young Life, which is my LP.The former Crime Mobb Atlanta native, who’s been romantically linked to rapper Soulja Boy, dished on everything–new music, why she feels ‘old’ in this male-driven industry, why she declined to do Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, what her relationship is like now with her ex-boyfriend Lil Scappy and why she loves Soulja Boy, but isn’t ready to be married. I shot about three videos, and I drop one video tomorrow-called American woman. I’m going to do about 10 or 11 videos, in the mean time I’m working on my album. But my biggest one is to make sure that you have a lawyer to look at your paperwork.

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