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It would also help to think about your words very carefully before saying them to make sure that you don’t ruin your chances with the girl that you like. Generally speaking, girls won’t talk to guys unless they are entertaining or interesting.

Preferably, they should be both, though, so pull out some jokes and witty stories from your arsenal to amp up the entertainment and really make your presence felt.

Instead, do this: put up a confident front and show her that you are worthy of her time.

You see, Mark (and anyone else), most of the time, girls make up these excuses because they are bored or simply because or becoming a complete nightmare in their eyes.

Then there are those guys who think they are amazing conversationalists and just take things easy, only to find girls showing absolutely no interest in them and turning them down whenever they ask for dates.

We will help you avoid all these grave mistakes, so continue reading.

t’s Danny P here again, and as promised, here’s the’s ultimate guide to conversational seduction.

This is the same guide that we provide to our private clientele as part of our exclusive coaching program, so you’re in for a real treat here today.

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