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MAJOR AU; Multiple Pairings (Kx T)This is a story with a lot of one shots, all with Morganders (Greg and Morgan).You can always review or PM me for some new One Shot ideas!Cavity-inducing fluffiness, some drama, some Ranger-ing, and the rest of the Lightspeed Team inside! T/K AU The friendship between Tommy, the Prince of Anteros, and Kimberly, the Princess of Danae, could have been a prosperous union had their two kingdoms not been torn apart by lust and betrayal. In no way do I own CSI or the characters within the franchise. They were separated at birth when their parents got a divorce two months after they were born.What will become of the two now that they are enemies? Jennifer Knight got two month old Katie and her six year old brother Kendall. Greg and Morgan go to a scene on the edge of the desert, but what they find could change them forever.

**Preview**This is my collection of One Shots based on prompts given by you guys! COMPLETE - sequel (check my profile it's called 'the best is yet to come')It's been twelve years since Morgan made the hardest decision of her life.

Before Fabian Rutter was famous, he met Nina Martin at a small coffee shop.

One thing led to another, and they had a one-night stand, but then didn't see each other again for 3 years. The wizard council have heard about the hugely popular Program from America that has students in their high schools walking around naked.

Harry and Hermione find a baby girl on the grounds of Hogwarts and can they raise her together as a team.

Throughout their journey they will find out they love and care about each other more than they know about.

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