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When you set yourself up to kick a field goal in Madden 18, you’ll be given the trajectory of the ball, depending on how much power you put into the kick.

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We'll be adding to and adjusting the list above throughout the NFL season, based on the changes that EA make to player ratings based on their real-life performance every week.FIFA 17 made the switch to EA's internal game engine, Frostbite, made by DICE and made famous for its use in the Battlefield games.Madden NFL 18 makes the move over to Frostbite this year.Madden 18 includes a story mode for the first time in the history of the franchise, dubbed the 'Longshot' mode.This mode takes after the Telltale Games formula, as you take on the role of a young prospect and guide him from the classroom all the way to the NFL Draft, with the aim of being drafted at the highest position possible.

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