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Phillip wrote a Country song called “Short Bus” and submitted it to a TAXI listing back in 2010. In addition to connecting him to Music Industry Companies, Phillip says that he really values the critiques he receives from TAXI Screeners. A few years ago, Jerry was connected with a top Music Publisher through a TAXI Forward who subsequently signed a couple dozen of his songs.The song was a big hit with TAXI screeners and staff but never gained any traction with industry companies ... In recent years, Jerry’s music has also been heard on the series finale of Hank Jones – San Diego, CA Sometimes it takes a while for a TAXI Forward to yield a placement., TLC, HBO, Animal Planet, Viceland, CBS, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, History Channel, and more! All of these placements were the results of TAXI Forwards or connections made at the TAXI Road Rally! Normally when you get this many creative individuals together, you get a sharp, almost painful sense of competition in the air.“Almost ALL of those have been TAXI-related in some way or another,” Matt says. When asked what his favorite thing about TAXI is, Randon says it’s hard to choose just one thing: “I like the opportunities you get ... With TAXI, the community feels kind and supportive, and everyone encourages each other and shares knowledge. “ TAXI starting as a tiny snowball rolling down a hill.

“TAXI is still the only actual way I have made any money,” Patrick tells us.

“I would not be doing these things had I not first found TAXI, and then had positive response to my ‘vintage material.’ I am grateful to have made this connection.” Dan Luedke – Saint Paul, MN Have you ever dreamt of having your music on over 20 TV networks? Recently his music has been heard on CBS, PBS, AMC, CNBC, and VH1!

Dan’s advice for people unsure about joining TAXI: “If you are thinking about joining TAXI, my advice is don’t wait until you feel ready because you probably never will. I joined as soon as I discovered TAXI even though I didn’t even own basic recording equipment and I have never regretted it.

” David Mau – Folsom, CA We were ecstatic when we heard from TAXI Member David Mau who let us know about a couple recent placements he’s gotten through TAXI Forwards! All of these placements were made through Music Libraries he was connected to through TAXI Forwards.

David says that TAXI has helped him “to acknowledge my shortcomings as a songwriter and make them some of my strengths.” Nice work, David!

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