Dating remington guns

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The experiment was pretty much a failure, however Sam did manage to cover the spectators with mud and water.One year later Sam shipped out on the brig Corvo to begin training as a navigator and ships officer.

One of the few to do so, with a barrel groove diameter of .439 and actually using a .440 bullet is not even called a .44, but is rather known as the .43 Spanish. Looking at .44-40 chambered sixguns of the 1870-1880s from three different manufacturers, I have three pre-WWI Colts and a Merwin, Hulbert with chamber throats measuring .424 while a Smith & Wesson Double Action Frontier is found with cylinder chamber throats at .426, and I once had a Colt Bisley Model, also pre-WWI, that measured .433; that is a lot of difference for firearms firing the same cartridge.As with all subsequent percussion revolvers it was loaded from the front with powder and ball and then primed at the back of the cylinder with a percussion cap.However, unlike subsequent Colt revolvers, the did not have a trigger guard and a folding trigger came down as the hammer was cocked.The European equivalent of our .44 is 11mm and we find twenty-three of these listed.Of the thirty-one cartridges identified as .44s, twenty of them are classified as Obsolete Rifle with only two being currently used today, the .44-77 and .44-90 Sharps.

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