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The head positioning (looking to the side) indicates she wanted her hat to be a central theme of the photograph.I wanted to determine if the estimated date range of 1899-1900 was accurate. No, but if he/she were, then one could use newspaper advertisements and obituaries to learn the work location, and life and work spans of the artist.I recommend the latter, as there is no larger archive for vintage fashion ads and style images available online.Take, for example, the undated photo on the left, which was located in the William Edward Burghardt Du Bois Collection of the Library of Congress’s Prints and Photograph Collection.If you’re having difficulty dating family photographs, you could invest in a clothing reference to help you figure out the time period based on the clothes your ancestors are wearing.

These hats are wide enough to be circabut could be as early as bearing in mind some of the clothes.

: Mary Harrell-Sesniak is a genealogist, author and editor with a strong technology background.

In this guest blog post, Mary shows how the fashion pages in old newspapers can help you date family photographs based on the clothes your ancestors are wearing, especially ladies’ hats.

Was the medium (gelatin silver print) used at this time?

Yes, and the size of the print is consistent with known examples.

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