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They were really naughty in their personal lives,and Paul's song Why Don't We Do It In The Road on The White Album is a pretty blatant perverted song about having public sex in a road!I think it's funny how it says "She came in through the bathroom window, 'protected' by a silver 'spoon'" it's like she was gonna smack Paul on the noggin, knock him out, steel his clothes and a few things, then probably make out with him and leave. According to Carol Bedford, author of "Waiting for the Beatles: An Apple Scruff's Story", several girls broke into Paul's house using a ladder, and they got in through an upstairs bathroom window.On December 6th, 1969, "She Came In Through the Bathroom Window" by Joe Cocker entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; and on February 1st, 1970 it peaked at #30 (for 2 weeks) and spent 12 weeks on the Top 100... She said she'd always been a dancer She worked at 15 clubs a day- This is strait foward shes a dancing girl and shes been around, thats fine and perfectly acceptable but going back to what was stated before sundays on the phone to monday and tuesdays on the phone to me. And though she thought I knew the answer Well I knew but I could not say.- The girl thought he had the answere to everything. And so I quit the police department And got myself a steady job- So having the answere, paul decides to give up his job at the instauition for greener pastures. And though she tried her best to help me She could steal but she could not rob- This girl being very invested and out to get the prize. And the last line is just to reassure the listener she could steal his heart but she could not just come in and rob. Nobody else seems to have interpreted it this way though!On the day Joe Cocker's covered version enter the Top 100, the album 'Abbey Road' was in its 6th week at being #1 on Billboard's Top 200 Album chart... She thinks from the way he runs his life hes got the answere, well paul says yeah he knows but given the situation he can't tell her.. lol I think the telephone lines are about news spreading - just a clever way of saying he was playing phone tag and/or getting the news about, if the above story is correct, having A Day in the Life played before the album came out.The Beatles version was an important part of the series of songs linked together on side two of Abbey Rd.

As it is – there is nothing under DHS nor DC inmate records as of yet, (heart) [ AM] Denice D: no. She made Randy’s very, very visible (sun) [ AM] lisa shannon: Denice – those were my feelings as I was speaking to Valerie earlier! I will assist in any way I can [ AM] Alex and Valerie: I am working on typing my perspective of last night and this morning [ AM] Denice D: Thanks (heart) [ AM] Alex and Valerie: I have talked to Youssef, he is confused and will decide if he needs to come here [ AM] Alex and Valerie: Just got a call from Jim Dodd offering assistance [ AM] Denice D: awesome! Heather informed me she had paid for another night in our hotel so we could relax and sleep in if we wanted BUT our priority today is to get all the data to get the warrant on Alex cleared, paid and closed.

I’ll contact Karl [ AM] Denice D: who else to call? The Secret Service agent that you purportedly spoke with walked away as he was talking to you and came back with Heather’s phone stating that you did not know who she was. Did they provide a link to where the details of the warrant for her arrest can be found? Alex and Valerie July 25, 2017 am Additional data: Heather said many times to the SS Agents last night that we were at Trump Tower, room 601 (all of us) if they had any more questions.

[ AM] Terran/AK: They really don’t get who they arrested. Valeria and Alex need some help [ AM] Denice D: they are alone in DC [ AM | Edited AM] Terran/AK: No but I can check a copy of a Hardrive I have for email address. Valeria and Alex need some help YES will contact him now [ AM] Terran/AK: Dear Karl As you may be aware – Heather was arrested in Washington D. It was stated that you were called last night – on Heather’s phone – to inform the Secret Service who were interviewing Heather and friends – that you knew her. [ AM] Denice D: She was not given an atty to his knowledge. [ AM] Denice D: She will not be allowed to have phone calls or emails tonight [ AM] Denice D: location 101 M Street S. [ AM] lisa shannon: Thank you Denice – I sent communication to Youssef so he is aware.

In the book, she notes that "Di" (giving no last name) was the first one into the house, and that it was Di who let the others in. Paul later approached some of the girls he knew and asked for the photographs back, although he told them they could keep the clothes.

He reportedly told several of them that he'd written a song inspired by the event, and it was "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window", but no doubt there are plenty of other influences in the song, as well.

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