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The city was platted by Henry Flagler as a community to house the servants working in the two grand hotels on the neighboring island of Palm Beach, across Lake Worth in 1893, coinciding with the arrival of the Florida East Coast railroad.

Flagler paid two area settlers, Captain Porter and Louie Hillhouse, a combined sum of ,000 for the original town site, stretching from Clear Lake to Lake Worth.

This made West Palm Beach the first incorporated municipality in Dade County and in South Florida.

The town council quickly addressed the building codes and the tents and shanties were replaced by brick, brick veneer, and stone buildings.

Between 18, three wars were fought between Seminoles and the United States government.

By 1858, there were very few Seminoles remaining in Florida.

Although West Palm Beach is located approximately 68 miles (109 km) north of Downtown Miami, it is still considered a principal city within the Miami metropolitan area, due to the solid urbanization between both cities.

They resisted the government's efforts to move them to the Indian Territory west of the Mississippi.When the Spanish arrived, there were perhaps about 20,000 Native Americans in south Florida.By 1763, when the English gained control of Florida, the native peoples had all but been wiped out through war, enslavement, or European diseases.On November 5, 1894, 78 people met at the "Calaboose" (the first jail and police station located at Clematis St.and Poinsettia, now Dixie Hwy.) and passed the motion to incorporate the Town of West Palm Beach in what was then Dade County (now Miami-Dade County).

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