Dating old coleman lanterns single dating online

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The generator is ribbed, the burner tip is ceramic, & the ventilator is aluminum. This lantern, in Bob Frank's collection, is dated April '52.This Toronto made 237 is in Chad Wise's collection.These two models were export versions of Model 242B.An unusual difference in this Canadian made lantern, in Pablo Vega's collection, is the cast aluminum (not brass) burner. It is also stamped Made in England on the direction disk and the side of the fount.Click HERE or on the book to the right to find out more about it and how to order.So find out how the “The Sunshine of the Night” can brighten your day!This 500 cp kerosene model was popular in Canada after WWII until 1970.

It is date stamped January, 1952, and is in Agostino Del Coro's collection. This lantern, in Doron Papo's collection, was perhaps at most assembled in England but made in Canada. 1959 and was probably made in Toronto but is not marked.Please contact me if you have one of these lanterns. Neil Mc Rae believes that it and other lantern models from the mid 1950's that are stamped Made in England were assembled there with parts from Canada. Coleman initially made the Col-Max models in the US beginning in 1939-40, then switched production to the Canadian plant and later to Hong Kong, where they were made until 1970.Col-Max models were exported to compete with Petromax style lanterns.The one on the left, in Agostino Del Coro's collection, is dated B 1946; the fount is finished in green paint as nickel was not yet available after WWII The one on the right, in Matthew Reid's collection, is dated Mar. This Coleman Canada Model 242B lantern, date stamped February 1948, is unusual because of the brown enameled ventilator.This lantern, in Michel Binard's collection, has the lighting instructions stamped in the collar in 3 languages.

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