Dating married man pregnant wife

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) and the women whose relationships OWs have rattled.

Decide for yourself, but I'll bet you'll find these other women aren't so "other" after all.

Maybe that's why, years later, when he called to say he'd gotten divorced, I let him back into our lives.

It was hard, but we were trying--until I found out that he was seeing someone on the side.

I stared back in shock, then left--but not before opening a drawer and taking a pair of socks and a bottle of perfume. I didn't seek them out, but I realize now that I gave off a "come hither and I won't ask for much" vibe because I didn't feel worthy of real love. I didn't know he was married, but I wasn't looking for clues that he was, so I guess I was in denial.

After a few months, I got an angry e-mail from a woman who said she was his wife.

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Turned out they'd been together the whole time we were, and he'd told her that was the crazy one. After that first meeting she and I stayed in touch, and now we're good friends.

As soon as I got home, I told Todd I loved him and wanted to be with only him.

The way he looked at me, I could tell he felt the same.

Only this time, I was seeing other people as well--two hunky, unreliable workaholics who were good distractions. I had to let go of these married guys and get emotionally healthy.

So I got counseling, stopped partying so much and started dating nicer men. After years of compromising, I'm in a relationship that's sure and steady. --Natasha, 35Todd and I started out as work friends--he had a serious girlfriend--but it quickly turned into a major flirtation: e-mails, meetings after work, lunches together. I pushed my guilt aside with that classic justification: If he were happy with her, he wouldn't be playing with me, now would he?

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